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What you get

All the Joy

A dream house for you to enjoy. You can own from ⅛ to ½ of a second home and enjoy your time accordingly. Abriqot’s customised and easy to use scheduling system provides a perfect combination of flexibility, certainty and fairness

A fraction of the cost

A fraction of the ownership means a fraction of the cost. You can stop delaying your dreams and co-own a fantastic property now. A predetermined annual budget with full transparency covers all home related expenditures

No headaches

Full management of the property by Abriqot means that you get turnkey access to ownership and enjoyment. Abriqot assembles groups of like minded individuals, handles the purchase process and takes care of the property and your needs

Your second home. Now.

Our fully managed co-ownership model allows you to enjoy a second home at a fraction of the cost and with no headaches

Your new second home

Picture your pied-à-terre in Madrid or Barcelona, a country house in Segovia or Girona, or a vacation home in Sancti Petri or Comillas.  At 1/8 the cost this dream becomes a reality.

Example: Fancy a 3 bedroom villa in Mallorca? The cost would be: EUR 128,000 for a 1/8 share vs. EUR 1,024,000 for full ownership.

Ecologic House

What we do

Find your second home

We'll help you find the perfect home, decide on the number of shares you want to own, and handle the purchase process, making ownership turnkey

Make scheduling easy

Are you a planner or the last minute type?  You can be either thanks to our scheduling system that balances the need for certainty and flexibility, all through an easy to use application

Manage the property

Abriqot handles all the administrative work (such as taxes and utility bills) and management of the property (cleaning, gardening, repairs...).  Our customer service group will handle any questions or concerns

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