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How Abriqot works

Finding, buying and managing a second home can be a lot of work and it is costly.  Abriqot makes second home ownership easier and more accessible, allowing you to get more enjoyment with less effort and at a lower cost.  More for less.  Here's how it works:



Finding a home

Abriqot carefully selects premium, well renovated properties in the best neighborhoods and destinations.  All homes are professionally decorated down to the towels and silverware.  Do you have a home in mind that fits this description?  Let us know and we will see if it is a good fit.


Co-ownership structure

Abriqot forms a company and places the home under this legal structure which is specifically meant for shared ownership of an asset.  Abriqot administrates the sociedad civil which allows for up to eight participating shares.



Becoming an owner

Abriqot carefully vets prospective owners who agree to a code of conduct and proper use of the home.  A new owner can purchase between one and four shares in the property, giving that person 1/8 to 1/2 ownership.



The house is yours to enjoy with family and friends.  1/8 ownership equates to 45 days.  Scheduling your stays is done through our easy to use web app that balances fairness, certainty and flexibility.  You will be able to make a certain number of reservations well in advance and also last minute based on availability.



Managing Costs

Abriqot creates an annual budget for each home, including utilities cleaning, maintenance, repairs, taxes, etc.  You are only responsible for your sharre of the costs, paid in equal monthly installments according to the budget.


Questions and concerns

Abriqot's customer service team is here to help you with any questions you have about the home, scheduling or ownership.  You will have a dedicated customer service and property management rep, reachable through the web app and by phone.



Making changes

If at any time you want to sell, Abriqot will market your share of the property alongside new listings and through traditional channels.  

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