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Altea, Alicante, Spain


1/8 Ownership

  EUR 315,727

/Per share

Pricing Information

EUR 315,727

/Per Share

Number of Shares:


Days per Share:


Purchase price:


Whole Home Purchase Price:


Interior Design & Decoration*:


Closing Costs + IVA*:

Abriqot Start Up Fee:



*These costs are estimated. The final costs will be passed through to purchasers with no mark up.

Property Description

The entrance to the house is made from level 0 by accessing an auxiliary floor, which is located above the two main floors of the building, with a basement in addition to the previous ones.

Once inside, we immediately find a small hall which is constituted in the small landing of the vertical communications nucleus that is located right in front of it, which is composed of a wide double-section staircase as well such as an elevator, elements that vertically communicate this access floor with the 2 main floors of the building that are located under it.

From the access landing, there is a wide perforation in the slab that this floor communicates spatially with the two lower floors.

The house has 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a SPA area (sauna, jacuzzi and a room for relaxation) as well as a large swimming pool.

Property Details

Property Type








Property Location

Altea, Alicante, Spain


This property is presented as a preview.  It is available for sale and could sell to someone else.   Once Abriqot has registered enough interest in the property, we will set up a Sociedad Civil to acquire the property and make the purchase, allowing each person who has registered interest to purchase their share.  If the property does sell to someone else, we will keep you informed and present other options. 

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