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This is how you will finally get your dream house in Madrid

Of all the European capital cities you have visited, which is the one that you would most like to return to frequently, possibly even owning a second home there?

For many Latin Americans, the answer is Madrid. Whether it is the affinity of language, the convenience of flight connections, business ties or activities such as an annual trip to the Feria de San Isidro, Madrid is a top repeat destination for stays of weeks or even months. So much so that owning a second home in Madrid has become part of a lifestyle.

This is especially true in Madrid’s top neighborhoods where the gastronomic, cultural, shopping and sightseeing attractions are second to none, and where home purchasers from Latin America are highly satisfied with their decision, feeling secure and at home.

But second home ownership is a luxury that is often hard to justify. Is the home you would like to have within your budget? How much will you use it? How much time and money will you have to devote to managing and maintaining it?

Thankfully, there is a new solution offered by Abriqot: fully managed fractional ownership of beautiful apartments in Madrid, that can make some of the very nicest aticos and other spectacular apartments in Barrio Salamanca and nearby within reach.

The service works as follows: Abriqot identifies premium properties in top neighborhoods such as Salamanca, Retiro, Recoletos or Goya. Abriqot then prepares and decorates the home, and offers up to 8 shares in each property for sale. Owners can buy ⅛, ¼ or ½ of the property, depending on how much they want to use it. This dramatically reduces the price of entry (more home for less money) and maintenance, and Abriqot takes care of every aspect of maintenance so that the owners can enjoy their second home and the beautiful city they have come to visit.

Basically, more home, for less money, with all of the enjoyment and none of the headaches.

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