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Co-Ownership for Digital Nomads

Digital nomadism is quickly moving from recent phenomenon to an established way of life, complete with incentives offered by many countries to attract international workers or at least make their sojourn easier from a bureaucratic perspective.

Spain has embraced the potential of digital nomads through its Startups Act, intended to make Spain an attractive destination for investment, and which encourages digital nomads to spend more time in Spain through tax incentives and visas. Not only does Spain hope this will attract talent, but it hopes it will help combat the declining population of rural areas.

Becoming a digital nomad, however, still entails a fair amount of research and legwork, in particular when it comes to finding an acceptable place to live. Standard rental agreements are usually designed for long term stays and Airbnb’s for the very short term. Fortunately there are more and more alternatives. Some of these include co-living and co-working arrangements, or services such as Spotahome which make finding a home and renting it from afar much easier.

But while rentals are fine for the wandering nomad, what about those who fall in love with the places they live and want to return, establishing a more “migratory” pattern? Wouldn’t it be nice to own a slice of your newly discovered paradise and return a few times a year, establishing a rapport with the community?

This is where a newly popular model of second home ownership comes in, offering the nomad the possibility of ownership while maintaining full freedom from some of the headaches that can accompany home ownership. Abriqot, a Spanish company that offers co-ownership of second homes, provides a fully managed solution in popular destinations in Spain.

The service works as follows: Abriqot identifies premium properties in top locations such as the Costa del Sol or Madrid, Cantabria and Cadiz, prepares and decorates the home, and offers up to 8 shares in each property for sale. Owners can buy ⅛, ¼ or ½ of the property, depending on how much they want to use it. This dramatically reduces the price of entry (more home for less money) and maintenance, and Abriqot takes care of every aspect of maintenance so that the nomad can come and go free of cares.

Through this model of fully managed, co-owned properties, nomads can live the dream of having one or more bases in their favorite places, working remotely and living a varied lifestyle.

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